Fairmont United Methodist Church • Raleigh NC

a mission-oriented community

Sunday Night LIVE! 7:00 PM

Worship with us online while our regular services are cancelled during this public health emergencey, COVID-19 pandemic.

Is traditional “church” too early? too formal? too dressed up? Then try the Sunday Night LIVE! alternative! It’s Biblical, Musical, Dramatic, Recovery Friendly, Compassionate and more fun than anybody ought to be allowed to have in church!

It’s every Sunday night at 7 pm, with the most remarkable array of guest musicians anywhere in Raleigh. The service is known as the “blue jean” service, and there are pre-service refreshments. The service has frequently served as a point of entry, or re-entry, for those exploring church life or thinking about returning.

Sunday Night LIVE! has proven to be church for the unchurched and dechurched. Come and see.