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Worship Services Suspended

Letters from Pastor Liz - Letter 2 - March 18

Beloved Fairmont Family and Friends,

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I have spent time praying for each of you and for the larger world in the midst of the current crisis and circumstances. I know for many, this is a particularly difficult time. I’m thinking especially of our medical professionals, for those employed in grocery stores and pharmacies, our college students that headed blissfully into spring break and remain scattered, and our high school seniors that are looking at a lot of missed moments and unknowns ahead of them.

As the church, we have a unique perspective on life and on times of distress. We will continue to live in hope and trust the promise that the worst thing is not the last thing. This is a moment to take seriously the instructions of the medical professionals and government officials, but not to panic. While activity at the church building has becoming increasingly limited, the church is being increasingly active! I encourage you to reach out to one another. Stay connected. If you know someone in need of some care or supplies, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know.

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FGR - Boiler Campaign Fundraiser Cancelled!

   The FGR Boiler Campaign Fundraising Event originally planned for March 21 has been cancelled for now. Watch for information about when it might be rescheduled.

Boiler Room YouthWe have recently discovered suspicious characters in our boiler room who are not practicing appropriate social distancing.  Can anyone identify these suspects?

Speaking of social distancing, Fairmont Gospel Revue has postponed its Berkeley Cafe fundraiser so when we do play there we can pack the place and boogie down. Stay tuned.

Keep Our Welcome Warm!

In 1956, Fairmont installed a boiler system to heat the church and the “new” educational wing. That boiler system was upgraded and modernized, and a central air conditioning system was installed in 1985 thanks to a very successful capital campaign and the generosity of Fairmont. The boiler system has served us well for decades, but in recent years began to show its age with unexpected outages and leaking pipes. Perhaps you noticed a few cold mornings when the system was not running properly, or a few water spots on our ceilings. This necessitated a research project initiated by our Trustees with professional engineering assistance to determine the best way forward with a new system to more efficiently heat and cool our facility. The consensus was to pursue a new high-efficiency and modern hot water boiler and piping system along with a new air conditioning unit and air handler for the Fellowship Hall.

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Free Food Pantry

Free Food Pantry Needs Items! The current state of our world has led to a lot of food insecurity. Please remember to pick up extra non-perishable items for the food pantry.

We continue to collect non-perishable food items for the Urban Ministry Food Pantry, but there’s a new “pantry” in town!

More specifically, a new outside box along the lines of the “little free library” boxes. By the sidewalk near Pastor Liz’s parking space on Horne Street is a small box on a post with glass doors doors and a roof. Inside are staple items, cans of food, dried beans, some ready to eat foods, and sometimes, gloves and mittens that are free to anyone in need.

You can put items in the box directly or bring them to the church office. The aim is to have a balance between items that can be taken home and prepared or that can be eaten straight out of the package. Thanks to the Outreach Team and everyone who worked to provide the box–Check it out!