Fairmont United Methodist Church • Raleigh NC

a mission-oriented community

Our Story to Tell...Out Raleigh

If you ever wanted to have a blast while witnessing about Fairmont to our community, volunteer to go to "OUT RALEIGH" this summer [June 25]. I have been 2 or 3 years, and it is a joyful experience for all ages. We had banner fabric for "OUT RALEIGH" patrons to do rainbow-colored handprints as they cruised the Fayetteville Street fair in downtown Raleigh, and we gave out info about Fairmont and our welcoming role in the "Reconciling Ministries". We then enjoyed the beautiful colored banners in our sanctuary during the summer months. Seeing how many various faiths and congregations are participating gives one hope that ALL will find love and welcome in a local faith community, perhaps Fairmont!
James Womble