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Holy Envy

Holy Envy by Barbara Brown Taylor

on Zoom (Noon time) study: Mondays July 12th – Aug. 16th

Holy Envy by Barbara Brown Taylor

“Holy envy” is what author and Episcopal priest Barbara Taylor Brown calls the appreciation of the best of religions other than one’s own. While so many fear that learning about other major religions might shake one’s religious commitment, Taylor Brown found that it made her realize the commonalities among the world’s great faiths and caused her to appreciate all adherents.

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(July 12th)

1. Religion 101
2. Vishnu’s Almonds

(July 19th)

3. Wave Not Ocean
4. Holy Envy

(July 26th)

Break Week!

(Aug 2nd)

5. The Nearest Neighbors
6. Disowning God

(Aug 9th)

7. The Shadow-Bearers
8. Failing Christianity

(Aug 16th)

9. Born Again
10. Divine Diversity

(Aug 23rd)

11. The God You Didn’t Make Up
12. The Final Exam
Epilogue: Church of the Common Ground