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A Complicated Choice by Katey Zeh

A Complicated Choice by Katey ZehVia Zoom (Noon time) study – Monday, Starting November 14th (off Nov. 21st for Thanksgiving week and Dec. 19th & 26th for Christmas week)– Jan. 23rd

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Publisher’s Summary:

Too often, the public abortion debate depicts the experience of ending a pregnancy in falsely simplistic terms. Anti-abortion activists falsely contend that abortion is always emotionally damaging for the pregnant person, while pro-choice activists focus on honoring bodily autonomy and personal conscience. In particular, the pro-choice movement fails to acknowledge that some people experience abortion as a kind of loss.

A Complicated Choice addresses the fact that abortion stigma is ubiquitous, even among those who identify as pro-choice. Rev. Katey Zeh opens up space for the complexities of our reproductive lives, giving voice to the experiences of grief, loss, and healing surrounding abortion experiences. She weaves these personal stories with key insights from the fields of psychology, theology, and public policy.

A Complicated Choice goes beyond the falsely simplistic terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” that define the public abortion debate and centers the real people making the decision to end a pregnancy in the context of their full lives and circumstances. A call to people of faith and to all people to examine our judgments about people who have abortions, we are invited into the act of sacred listening to the real stories of those most impacted. ©2022 Katey Zeh (P)2022 Tantor

Nov. 14th: Chap 1

Honoring Your Experience of Abortion

Nov 28th: Chapters 2 & 3

Uncovering the culture of Shame, Stigma, and Silence around Abortion

For Abundant Life

Dec. 5th: Chapters 4 & 5

For Self-Preservation

For the Dignity of Young People

Dec. 12th: Chapters 6 & 7

For a Just Society

For the Good of Growth

Jan. 2nd: Chap 8 and Conclusion

For Communities That Heal