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Rise Up! Sermon Series

It’s the Season after Epiphany. Midway through, it’s also Black History Month. The historic and ecumenical purpose of the Season after Epiphany is for us as a church to “rise up” and get ready for the work of accompanying people on their journey to baptism or restoration in the life of the church during the Season of Lent.

We need to be reminded that it is God speaking to us and among us. We need to listen to God’s voice. We need to be ready to move when and where the Spirit says move. We need to answer God’s call in the varieties of contexts we will experience. And we need to hear and help those we’ll accompany during Lent hear God’s call to go deeper, following Jesus where he leads.

And then, Rise up! The light is come. Let the light of God made known through this series prepare you to share that light with those preparing to know it for the first time during Lent, and be fully immersed into it at Easter.

Rise Up! Series
Week 1, January 7: God Is Speaking
Week 2, January 14: Listen
Week 3, January 21: Move
Week 3, January 28: Answer
Week 5, February 4: Focus
Week 6, February 11: God Is Speaking!