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Bishop's Video Podcast "Grace for the Future" to launch in October.

In "Grace for the Future", Bishop Leonard Fairley, the United Methodist Episcopal leader of the Kentucky, North Carolina, and Red Bird Missionary Conferences, will explore various aspects of the means of grace that we, as Christians, use to inform our lives. The means of grace are ways God works in us - hastening, strengthening, and confirming faith - so that God's grace lives in and through us.

Each month, Bishop Fairley will host a combination of clergy and laity from each of the three conferences as they discuss two questions:

  • How do the means of grace inform our decisions, conversations, and discernment for the future?
  • Where and how have you seen this means of grace lived out in this season of transition, uncertainty, and anxiety?

The video podcast is being produced by communications staff from the Kentucky and North Carolina Conferences.
Look for the first episode of Grace for the Future on Tuesday, October 5 on the Grace for the Future website, the NC Conference app, your favorite podcast app, or the Kentucky, North Carolina and Red Bird, websites.