Fairmont United Methodist Church • Raleigh NC

a mission-oriented community

Keep Our Welcome Warm!

In 1956, Fairmont installed a boiler system to heat the church and the “new” educational wing. That boiler system was upgraded and modernized, and a central air conditioning system was installed in 1985 thanks to a very successful capital campaign and the generosity of Fairmont. The boiler system has served us well for decades, but in recent years began to show its age with unexpected outages and leaking pipes. Perhaps you noticed a few cold mornings when the system was not running properly, or a few water spots on our ceilings. This necessitated a research project initiated by our Trustees with professional engineering assistance to determine the best way forward with a new system to more efficiently heat and cool our facility. The consensus was to pursue a new high-efficiency and modern hot water boiler and piping system along with a new air conditioning unit and air handler for the Fellowship Hall.

The project was approved and work commenced in the spring of 2018. Now complete, the entire facility is reliably and more efficiently heated and cooled for everybody’s comfort.

Fairmont UMC now has an obligation to repay a total loan amount of $350,000 over the next 15 years, which has necessitated the launch of a capital campaign we are calling Keeping Our Welcome Warm. The goal of the campaign is to raise $105,000 to cover the next three years of payments. Over the next several weeks, we will see and hear more about the campaign and how the new system enables us to continue to serve our congregation and community in which we live and serve. We will also learn about ways to pledge our support of the campaign in ways that makes best sense for us as families or individuals.