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Love and Justice Series Begins July 21

Guest Preachers:
July 21 - Gayle Tabor of Carolina Beach, NC

Gayle Tabor, first in our Love and Justice Series: Gayle Tabor is a firm believer that worship can happen anywhere. Currently in seminary at Chicago Theological Seminary, she also leads two churches; one that meets in the summer on the boardwalk in Carolina Beach and the other that meets at Ironclad Brewery in Downtown Wilmington on Monday nights. Gayle is also a leader in the struggle for full inclusion in the UMC. She lives with her wife, two dogs, two cats, and a turtle in Wilmington NC.

July 28 - Rev. Debra Morgan of New Bern, NC
August 4 - Rev. Hannah Bonner of Tuscon, AZ
August 11 - Jay Butler of Durham, NC

Fairmont invites you to join us for the third year of our Love and Justice Series which begins Sunday, July 21. All our guests will preach at our 11:00 AM worship service.

The focus of the series is to lift up within the scriptures the importance and unbreakable connection between love and justice. The idea of the series was born out of a quote by Otis Moss III, "Love without justice is nothing but sentimental and justice without love can become naked brutally. When married together they produce twins by the name of liberation and transformation. You must have love in everything you do rooted in Christ and it must demonstrate through actions." The necessary intertwining of love and justice seem at the root of much of the ministry of Fairmont UMC. Out of our love for Christ, we are compelled to reach out in love for others. Some do it by feeding the hungry. Some do it by standing in protest on the capitol lawn. Some do it by teaching others to look out for those in need and those who are oppressed. There are many ways to seek love and justice.